quarta-feira, 16 de julho de 2014

Artistically Speaking

Niccolò Calmistro
Untittled, tree root, 180X165X130cm

Most times the process of making a piece of art is more interesting than the final piece itself. 
When an artist selects an object like this and decides to conceptualize it and give it a meaning other than its original purpose, it is, for me, already a ready-made of nature. The purest of the ready-mades. No touch of men. 
The process of replacement of the piece itself could be the whole repurpose. But we, as humans, have a need of messing with nature. We want to touch it, we feel a need to change it. We cannot stop ourselves from trying to make it better or give it a purpose because we cannot be pleased. We do not know what the meaning of life is, but we are aware that we probably leave so far away from the essence of living, for which we were created, that at this point it would make sense to take magnificent pieces of nature and give it a more human-like purpose. However sometimes it works.
The artist, Niccolò, wants to change this grand piece of nature and unlike most artists he wants to give it utility. But it is still art. Because recycling this root into something more, something that can be appreciated and enjoyed is for me the greatest union between men and nature. 
But because at this point I wasn´t sure he would make this amazing raw material justice, I took this photo (I will publish the final piece later on). 
And it is with this interesting piece-in-the-making that I open this blog about The Artistic Process and mostly the relation between the artist and the materials and concept, before the object becomes part of the experience.

Photo Credit: Filipa Amaro
Torino, Italy 2014

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